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Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway called many places home throughout the world. However, his favorite location in the United States was Sun Valley, Idaho. It was in Sun Valley, that Ernest Hemingway made his home in 1958. And it was here where he would write in the mornings and hunt and fish in the afternoons. Read More

In 1939, the Union Pacific Railroad invited many celebrities to the new Sun Valley Resort as a part of their marketing campaign aimed at luring tourists to the Resort. Ernest Hemingway was one of these celebrities. He came for the first time to Sun Valley in 1939.

Ernest Hemingway stayed in suite #206 at the Sun Valley Resort during his initial visit and stayed in this same suite on subsequent visits. Hemingway made numerous trips to the area before deciding to make it his home in 1958.

While in his home in the Wood River Valley, Hemingway worded on some of his famous novels including "The Dangerous Summer", "A Moveable Feast", Islands in the Stream" and "The Garden of Eden". In the afternoons, Hemingway could be found hunting or fishing on the Silver Creek near Picabo, Idaho – approximately twenty-five miles south of the Ketchum/Sun Valley area. He also spent time in many of the restaurants and other business establishments still doing business today.

The Silver Creek area and Hemingway's residence are both today managed by the Nature Conservancy. Hemingway's residence is not open to the public.

After taking his own life on July 2, 1961, Ernest Hemingway was buried in the Ketchum cemetery. A memorial for Hemingway can be found just north of Ketchum overlooking Trail Creek.