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Alturas Lake

Located just 37 miles north of Ketchum, Idaho in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is scenic Alturas Lake.

  • Alturas Lake is located within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, 37 miles north of Ketchum, Idaho.
  • The Lake is open year round with fees charges for parking at day use area and camping area.
  • For detailed information contact SNRA Toll Free: (800) 260-5970.


Locals and tourists alike are drawn back to the pristine setting of this scenic lake, which sits with a backdrop of the Sawtooth Mountains above and behind it. Alturas Lake is an excellent location to base your exploration of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Location & Information

Alturas Lake is located in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in central Idaho and can be the perfect place to enjoy either summer or winter activities. Alturas Lake is 37 miles North of Ketchum or 25 miles South of Stanley.

  • Phone: (208) 727-5013
  • Fees: Fees for parking at developed day use areas and camping areas overnight.


The major recreation activities in the summer and fall are driving for pleasure, camping, picnicking, backpacking, photography, floatboating, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, viewing wildlife and fall colors, and hunting.

Establish a base camp at one of the developed campgrounds at Alturas Lake and then in the summer, mountain bike, fish, enjoy a backcountry drive in some areas, or a hike into the White Clouds Wilderness area of Idaho where no motorized vehicles are allowed.

In the winter, the beautiful blanket of snow, changes the scenery and provides the base for great Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.