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Pocatello Idaho

Sun Valley is located a 3 and 1/2 hour drive from Idaho's third largest city, Pocatello. Read More

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  • Pocatello is just a few hours away from Sun Valley, Salt Lake, Jackson Hole, and Yellowstone National Park.
  • One fifth of its population is made up of Idaho State University students and faculty.
  • Close to Pocatello you will find rock climbing, biking, fishing and hiking. In the winter, you can enjoy skiing.


Pocatello was founded in 1889 and was originally referred to as the "Gateway of the Northwest." Pioneers, gold miners, and fur trappers were the first to travel through these areas along the Oregon Trail. Soon the railroad followed, making Pocatello a major center of commerce.
Not only is Pocatello, ID in good proximity to the beauties of Sun Valley, it is also just a few hours away from Salt Lake, Jackson Hole, and Yellowstone National Park. Pocatello makes an excellent hub for you next adventure out west.


Pocatello is located at one of the major interstate junctions in the northwest, between I-15 and I-84 in eastern Idaho.


One fifth of Pocatello’s population is made up of Idaho State University students and faculty. As a result, the city has all the services and amenities associated with a college town. There are numerous places to stay – hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and inns. From fast food to five star restaurants, you can find just the right menu and atmosphere for your dining pleasure.

With more than a fifth of its population made up of Idaho State University students and faculty, Pocatello has many of the trappings of a college town. The city also has 32 parks and numerous in town attractions.


For those looking for outdoor excitement, close by your will find rock climbing, biking, fishing and hiking. In the winter, you can enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and other cold weather activities.

Rock Climbing

  • Massacre Rocks
    Rock Climbing can be done year round at Massacre Rocks. The best times to climb are late February through early June and early September through early November.
  • City of Rocks
    City of Rocks is one of the finest granite-face-climbing sites in the United States. One hundred to 300-foot spires provide most of the climbing opportunities, although there are 600-foot spires which provide extended adventures.


  • Mink Creek Bike Trail
    Once you get to the Mink Creek Recreation area you will find numerous trails of various levels to choose from. The route contains both single-track and fire roads.
  • Prison Trail
    This trail winds upward from the city limits and is composed of both single-track and fire roads. The trial goes on for a distance of about 7 miles.


  • There are numerous streams in the surrounding mountains, as well as fishing available on the Snake River. American Falls Reservoir is the largest, closest body of water, ideal for fishing and other water sports.


  • Pebble Creek Ski Resort
    Pebble Creek plays host to 1,100 skiable acres, 54 runs and an abundance of annual snowfall, providing enough playful terrain for beginners and those demanding challenge.


  • Pocatello Zoo
    The Pocatello Zoo is a local zoo in more ways than one. It specializes in animals native to the Idaho area, such as mountain lions and mountain goats, red foxes and red-tailed hawks.
  • Fort Hall Replica
    Fort Hall was an important stop for pioneers on their way west and the Fort Hall Replica recreates it as it was. See not only recreated walls and rooms, but a collection of artifacts from the time.
  • Museum of Natural History
    These exhibits of natural history range widely as far as subject, from dinosaurs to celebratory art shows. You might find your experience different per visit, as exhibits and special events at the Idaho Museum of Natural History can vary.

Getting Here

To travel to Pocatello from Sun Valley, head south on Highway 75. There are two routes to take – one takes you past Craters of the Moon and across the desert to connect to I 15 to Blackfoot and then south along I 15 to Pocatello. The other route will take you further south on Highway 75 to Twin Falls. At Twin Falls, you will travel east along I84/86 to Pocatello.