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With so many popular fisheries to choose from in and around Sun Valley, one might also consider an off-the-beaten-path option like Little Redfish Lake or East Fork of Baker Creek.

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  • Little Redfish Lake and Baker Creek are two less-fished waters offering good fishing and solitude.
  • Try small lures at Little Redfish or twitch a minijig in the creek for quick action.
  • Little Redfish can be accessed with a float tube to get to the top spots.
  • Baker Creek can be accessed from the tiny campground of the same name.

Off The Beaten Path

Little Redfish Lake and the East Fork of Baker Creek are two spots where you can be all alone with you and your fishing buddies or family. Little Redfish is the smaller brother of Redfish Lake yet it offers great fishing with an undeveloped feel. Here a float tube is the best wy to access the lake. Over on Baker Creek, dabbing flies or jigging would be a good bet.

Appeal Of These Waters

Having a spot to yourself below the Sawtooth Mountains is the appeal here. Sure you probably won't catch a whopper on these two waters, but solitude and willing fish all day long appeals to most anglers.


Baker and Little Redfish are best fished after ice out or when weather permits. Check with local regulations regarding exact dates. For peak season, try planning a trip in June, July, August or even into September and October.

Basic Advice

Little Redfish is a great place to bring the kids. It is loaded with small to pan-sized fish which can be easily caught in the evening with fly-and-a-bubble setups or lures and jigs. Small dry flies and nymphs work in the small pools along Baker Creek.